Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Prohibitions for the one who is ritually impure

It is forbidden for the one who does not have ablution to:

  1. Pray.
  2. Touch the book of the Quran or it's explanation directly. It is allowed to carry it in something like a cloth that is not part of the book's binding or the clothes one is wearing. It is allowed to hold books of the religious subject other that the above in the clothing one is wearing (e.g. holding the book in one's sleeve). Small boys are exempted from this for learning purposes; they can touch it without ablution.
  3. Make Tawaaf (walking around the Kaabah in Mekkah.)

For the one who is junub (from ejaculation out of desire or from intercourse without ejaculation) it is forbidden to:

  1. Do what is forbidden to do without ablution.
  2. Reciting the Quran (but one can make thikr if it is less than an aayah of he Quran.
  3. Entering a masjid.

For the woman who is in her period of postpartum bleeding or menstruation it is forbidden to:

  1. To do what is forbidden to the junub.
  2. To fast.
  3. To have intercourse.
  4. To let the man directly touch the area between the navel and the knee without a cover.

When the postpartum bleeding or menstruation stops before the habitual time

In this case, the woman should start to pray and fast, but she should not be touched between the navel and the knee or have intercourse until at least one of the following has occurred:
  1. The maximum period has passed (40 and 10 days respectively), even if she didn't take a Complete Body Wash.
  2. Her habit has been completed and she has taken Complete Body Wash.
  3. Her habit has been completed and she has taken ablution by soil for an excuse and prayed any prayer.
  4. Her menstruation stopped according to habit and the time of a prayer expired while she was not menstruating (or having postpartum bleeding,) even if she did not pray. This is provided that enough of the prayer time was left to take a Complete Body Wash and say "Allahu Akbar" when the discharge stopped.
Note that for the non-Muslim woman, it is enough that her habit was completed and the bleeding stopped. The man does not have to wait for her to take Complete Body Wash.

The woman who had menstruation or postpartum bleeding must make up the fasting the missed, but not the prayer.