Monday, December 27, 2004

Prayer Leadership

Group Prayer

Group prayer for men in the 5 obligatory prayers in the masjid is an Ascertained Merit. It's disliked, but valid, for women to pray alone as a group. It is disliked for the young woman to join the group prayer in the mosque.

The suitability of a Prayer Leader (Imaam)

  • The most fit leader of the prayer, is the one who has the most knowledge.
  • It is disliked, but valid, to let a big sinner lead the prayer
  • It's invalid to pray an obligatory prayer behind someone in an optional prayer
  • It is invalid for a man to follow a woman or boy that has not reached puberty
  • It's invalid for a person who has complete ablution to pray behind someone who is excused from having to take ablution due to an ailment
  • It's invalid for all if the one who is not able to recite leads someone who can
  • It’s invalid for the one who is able to bow and prostrate, to pray behind the one who only hints at the prayer movements
  • Someone who is able to stand in prayer can pray behind the one who sits (but is able to prostrate) - but he himself must stand
  • The one who has taken ablution by earth (tayammum) may lead those who have ablution by water
  • The one who wipes his footwear instead of washing his feet, may lead the prayer of those who are washing
  • Someone who is praying an optional prayer may pray behind someone praying an obligatory prayer
  • The follower in the prayer that later finds out that the leader did not have ablution, must repeat his prayer

Arranging the rows

  • When setting up the rows for the group prayer, the men should come first, then young boys, and finally women
  • A single follower stands to the right and slightly behind.
  • Two followers in the prayer stand behind