Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Catching up missed prayers or parts of group prayer

Catching part of the group prayer

  • The one who reached the group prayer while the leader was in the bowing position, then proscribed and remained standing until the leader stood up, has not caught this subset. He stands up and prays this subset and all others missed after the leader has completed his prayer.
  • If a follower bowed before the leader, then his bow was valid if the leader caught the follower in it, not otherwise. However, it is better to repeat the bow.

Catching Up Missed Obligatory Prayers

  • The correct sequence of missed prayers and the obligation of the current time is required, and leaving it invalidates the prayer, unless:
  • One fears that the time to pray the current obligation is running out
  • The missed prayers are more than 5
  • One forgot about the missed prayers until after the current time’s obligation

Making Up Missed Optional Prayers

  • The 2 optional subsets before Fajr are prayed after the group prayer has started, if one can catch the second subset with the leader, but outside the masjid. This is not for the optional subsets before other obligatory prayers.
  • If someone misses the Ascertained Merit (sunnah) before Fajr, then he does not pray it after Fajr unless he missed Fajr itself so he can pray it in combination with the missed Fajr.
  • Other ascertained sunnah prayers are caught up within their associated obligatory prayer's time, but not after.