Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Prayer by, in or on top of the Kaabah

Prayer in the Kaabah

  • To pray inside the Kaabah is allowed both for obligatory and optional prayers.
  • If the leader prayed inside it with a group, unless the follower put his back to the front of the leader, because he is in front of the leader.

Prayer on the roof of the Kaabah

  • The one who prays on the roof of the Kaabah has a valid prayer, because the Kaabah is actually the place itself and the air above it up to the sky, not the building
  • However, it is disliked to pray on the roof of the Kaabah, because it is not respectful to it.

Prayer around the Kaabah

If the leader prayed in the masjid of Mekkah (the Masjid-ul-Haraam), and the people stood around the Kaabah and joined him in prayer, then their prayers are correct if they are closer to the Kaabah than he is, unless they are on his side of the building. This is because being in front or back is only realized from the same side.